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Charles Dickens was a great writer, but seemed depressed for most of his life. He became famous because of his will to make something out of himself. his childhood scared him for life and he never wanted to go through that again,he never wanted to be associated with the poor. His story of the Christmas carol sticks out in my head the most, mainly because i grew up watching movies about it.Image


1. built in 1599 in London

2. Shakespeare was one of the main players in the theater

3. wealthy people sat in the stands

4. they were in the middle of the theater standing on the ground

5. 1644

5b. 1999

6. the globe theater

6b. the fortune 

Setting: china. Characterization: Chinese people. conflict: internal self esteem. external- bullying. symbolism: the man used symbols with his hand to talk. protagonist: good chinese girl. antagonist bad chinese girl. irony: the loser was better than everyone else. climax: when the old man died. theme: learning from old people.









In the renaissance era ghosts and superstitions about ghosts were a very real thing. Some used ghosts as explanations for the creepy and unknown in the dark. anything scaryin the night would be eplained by the belief in ghosts. They developed rituals or superstitions to ward off these ghosts and keep them from harm. If someone were to see a ghost it ment that something bad was going to happen to that person or its family. My family believes in ghosts but we don’t believe in the superstitons, we basically just believe in the idea of ghosts and that they could be out there.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Then why give such small meals?